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Screenshots of Sidux 2007-03 preview1 E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Sidux  2007-03  preview1  was  released  on  23rd July 2007.  I  have always turned away  from

sidux 2007-01  and  sidux  2007-02.  The boot screen  and the  desktop  were not aesthetically

compatible with my preference.  The  fonts  were also not visually  attractive  although  I have

never preferred the Microsoft truetype fonts. The thing  that  drives me  into publishing these

screenshots  of Sidux 2007-03 preview1 is because of the much  improved artworks and better

fonts. For your information, sidux's ranking has enjoyed  a  big jump from 36th placing (based

on 12 months period) to 23rd placing (based on 6 months period)  on  Distrowatch's  Page  Hit

Ranking. Sidux 2007-03 preview1is powered by Linux kernel 2.6.22, KDE 3.5.7, and X.Org 7.2.



Captivating "sidux gaia" splash screen of sidux 2007-03 preview1. 








KDE 3.5.7 desktop with the new  "sidux gaia" wallpaper for sidux 2007-03 preview1l

This wallpaper  is  indeed  a very excellent choice.




Kmenu of sidux 2007-03 preview1. 




Kmenu of sidux 2007-03 preview1 looks more efficient that its previous versions.




Metapackage-installer and Kaffeine of sidux 2007-03 preview1.




Iceweasel and sidux-installer of sidux 2007-03 preview1.






Now,  below are the screenshots of current stable version of sidux 2007-02. In my opinion, the

artworks  in  sidux 2007-03 preview1 are better.  However,  your  opinion maybe  different  from

mine.  It showed that the sidux developers have given more deserved attention to aesthetics. 



Splash screen of sidux 2007-02. It's called "sidux" splash screen.



KDE 3.5.7 desktop of sidux 2007-02, with the "sidux" wallpaper.



Kmenu of sidux 2007-02. I couldn't find my System menu! 



Iceweasal and Kaffeine for sidux 2007-02.



Metapackage-installer and Wengo phone for sidux 2007-02.








By the way, another improvement  seen in sidux 2007-03 preview1 is the fonts used.

The Bitstream Vera Sans 11  is  definitely  better!   Just  visit the Distrowatch  with  the

Iceweasal browser.   However in  insidux 2007-02,  the  Sans  Serif 12 was used instead.



The "DistroWatch Weekly" words looked better in sidux 2007-03 preview1.




This was how the "DistroWatch Weekly" looked like in sidux 2007-02.








By Michael Shee Choon Beng.


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