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Screenshots of Zenwalk Linux 4.8 Beta. E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 03 September 2007

It looks like XFCE is being used more often than expected. Just take a look at the result of the

2007  Desktop  Linux Survey.   In this article  I will show you lots of interesting screenshots of

Zenwalk 4.8 Beta. It was released on 31st of August 2007, which was the independence of day

of my country, Malaysia. I noticed a lot of improvement to the graphical interfaces of Zenwalk

Linux 4.8 Beta.  Besides that,  there  was  a new artwork implemented  as  the backdrop to the

Zenwalk ncurses installer.


The only screenshot for the ncurses installation screen. 





Zenwalk Linux 4.8 Beta sports the latest kernel, with its new wireless stack, tickless

clock  and 1000 Hz scheduler  according  to   IceWeasel and IceDove  have also

replaced the Firefox and Thunderbird for Zenwalk Linux 4.8 Beta.


The traditional Zenwalk Linux Lilo menu. 




The new kernel bootsplash and XFCE splash were also more aesthetically pleasing. The new

XFCE wallpaper that showed the harmonious assimilation of the intelligent dolphin  and the

good Feng Shui flow(the ocean waves).



Kernel bootsplash. Press F2 for verbose mode. 




I saw the new simply login manager, SLIM. A good choice! In the previous versions of Zenwalk

Linux,  the default  login managers  were GDM.   By just pressing  the F1 button, SLIM let you

choose between TWM, Fluxbox, XFCE, Enlightenment, KDE and Gnome, easily.


The new SLIM login manager. You can also log in as a root user!



By pressing F1, you can select the desktop sessions of your

choice.  XFCE is the default. 



The new XFCE splash. 



The Zenwalk Linux 4.8 Beta XFCE desktop.  No changes to the

icons.  The desktop panel looked the same. 



Surprise! Surprise!  More XFCE  desktop icons if you were to

log in as  a  root user.



This is the XFCE Settings Manager.  You can enable the window

compositing via the Window Manager Tweaks  tool.



Compositing did slightly slow down the system's performance. 

But it's cool!  You must try!



Xfce4 Appfinder and also Catfish.




This is Zenpanel.  This is the Zenwalk Linux System Tools Manager.

I had to issue gksu zenpanel at the Terminal in order to launch it. 



Applications for development task which are available on Zenwalk

Linux 4.8 Beta. 



Office applications. 



No more Audacious for Zenwalk 4.8. Now you have GMusicBrowser, Streamtuner and

G-Mplayer  to play your  audio/video  files.  Now,  Audacious would  stay on  the bench.

Jean-Philippe Guillem had also announced the availability OpenOffice 2.2.1, KDE 3.5.7,

Gnome 2.18.3 and many new packages  and  a lot of  language packages in the ¨Extra¨

repository. Audacious is also in the ¨Extra¨.  


 Below  is Gmusicbrowser. 



Below are the Streamtuner and Mplayer. 



The new G-Mplayer could also play encrypted DVD movies. 



Pidgin and its lovely green icon. 



Icedove replacing the Thunderbird. Thunderbird definitely looked better



You would be prompted to open the usbkey if

it were plugged into the system.



Right-click for the Safe Unplug option, in order

to remove your usbkey safely. 



Two messages would appear during the process of

safely unplugging your usbkey. 



Logout, Restart, and Shutdown buttons. 



Zenwalk Linux 4.8 Beta shutting down! 




Last but not the least, I hope that the open source software movement, especially in

Malaysia would  gain more momentum.






By Michael Shee Choon Beng.



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